Organizations, like people, need to maintain fitness. This is where business process improvement (BPI) comes in. Many companies launch process improvement programs such as Total Quality Management, Business Reengineering, Lean, and Six Sigma. These processes can result in significant benefits, including lower costs, faster time-to-market, and better customer experiences. The problem, even for companies that do a round of BPI is that after the initial round, they give up and let their organization get flabby again. Maintaining a healthy business requires diligence and something that many business owners overlook, which is an engaged team.

Engaging employees is a vital part of improving any process within a business. Employees that are unhappy and underutilized can become the biggest roadblocks to success. One of the keys to an effective BPI is transforming the culture of the company, where leadership within the organization is focused on enabling the full potential in others. It’s about allowing employees to be their authentic selves so they can leverage their strengths and unique perspectives.

Allowing employees to become leaders and mature within new expansive roles and responsibilities creates an environment of efficiency. Employees want to feel valued and challenged; they want to be trusted and given the freedom to explore and learn within the job.   Employees that stretch themselves to grow and take on more advanced assignments should be given the opportunity to further accelerate their advancement. The bottom line is that leaders must continuously create new opportunities for their employees – or their workforce will not be innovative enough.

Today’s leaders must constantly focus on the growth of their teams and strengthening the capabilities of individuals that can make the team more effective. This creates an environment of continuous innovation and initiative. The people who work within an organization are at the heart of the company and need to be included in the processes for improvement. When employees hearts are engaged, they will engage their brains on their own and exceed expectations.