Would Recommend Kevin for a Variety of Consulting Services

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin on several Lean / non-traditional IT Value Stream Mapping projects at Microsoft. Kevin was the lead architect and consultant for all of the services provided and was always one-step ahead of the team with his personable approach and methodology. Since that time, Kevin has become a mentor and I would recommend him for a variety of consulting services.

Always Very Enthusiastic about Driving Real Change, Process Improvement

I started working with Kevin a few years ago on how to best promote Compensation Master’s sales comp analytic tools with QCommission’s commission processing app. We worked very closely together and exchanged ideas even beyond the original scope. Kevin was always very enthusiastic about driving real change, process improvement and knowledge for our prospects and partners.

Provides Digestible Material that is Immediately Applicable

Kevin recently provided training at EBI to the Continuous Improvement Dept that was very valuable to the company. During the training he demonstrated a high degree of expertise and his presentation was clear and immediately actionable. He was sensitive to the variable levels of understandings and altered his training to cover all internal needs. He displayed a highly infectious attitude toward lean projects, lean tools, and lean management. Kevin has provided multiple training sessions to EBI and always shown to be extremely enthusiastic. He is highly recommended for this type of training whether you want to address middle or top management, he provides digestible material that is immediately applicable.