We work with our clients to DEVELOP TALENT at all levels: from entry-level to Senior Executives!

We are experts in working with your talent to INCREASE PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL Capabilities, resulting in the INCREASE of ORGANIZATIONAL CAPABILITIES and PERFORMANCE!

We Believe:

COACHING is not only effective development for Senior Executives…COACHING is effective for professionals at ALL LEVELS!

When developing talent…BEHAVIOR Change is as important as SKILLS Development. We work with your talent to CHANGE BEHAVIORS and IMPROVE WORK CULTURE!


Every organization is different, with unique People, Business Needs, and Operating Schedules. We cater to our Clients’ Unique Needs and Requirements, whether the client is one person or an entire organization! We offer various means of developing YOUR talent, including:

  • On-Site Development, customized to your specific needs and operating schedules.
  • Hybrid Development that blends on-site and remote training and follow-up.
  • Public Enrollment Workshops offered regionally.
  • Individualized Coaching for Leaders at All Levels, both on-site and remote.
  • Live Remote Events such as workshops, conferences, and leadership round tables.
  • Webinars that are live yet recorded for on-demand access for those who need flexibility.

Sample Professional Development Workshops for Past Clients

Entry-Level to Mid-Level Leaders:

From Peer to Supervisor / Team Leader Development / Leadership Essentials / LEAN Essentials for Healthcare / LEAN Essentials for Manufacturing / How to Conduct a LEAN Assessment / Problem Solving and Process Mapping / Individualized Coaching / Managing Performance / Developing Teams

Senior Leaders:

Optimizing Performance through Accelerated Leadership / Executive Coaching / Transforming Organizational Culture / Leadership Round Table / Essentials of Succession Planning / Leading Organizational Change / Strategic Planning for the Senior Leader

Skill Specific Areas:

Presentation Skills / Negotiation Skills / Behavior Based Interviewing / Conflict Resolution / Effective Communication Skills / Developing An Effective Onboarding Process / Employment Legal Requirements / Team Building Event Facilitation / Progressive Discipline and Managing Performance / DiSC Administration and Facilitation / Myers Briggs Administration and Facilitation / Effective Meeting Facilitation / Prevention of Workplace Harassment / Prevention of Workplace Violence / Creative Thinking Skills / Miscellaneous Workshops Customized to Unique Client Needs

For more information regarding upcoming development opportunities, please visit our Events.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and let’s work together to increase the skills, behaviors, and performance of your most important assets — Your Talent!