Who is this for?

For anyone who wants to improve informal leadership skills

Leading Through Influence Process Outline:

  • Collaborate with Learner to Create a Performance-Based Support System
  • Create Individualized Coaching Plan and Learner Results Plan
  • Initiate and Complete Selected Personal Development Modules and Scheduled Coaching Sessions
  • Learner Successfully Completes Competency Assessment
  • Personal Development Modules (a la carte):
    1. The Leadership Formula & Principles of Influence
    2. Communication Principles
    3. Project Management Basics
    4. Managing Multiple Priorities
    5. Time Management
    6. Public Speaking
    7. Presenting with Impact
    8. Stress Management
    9. Professional Selling Skills
    10. LEAN Process Improvement (customized for your type of organization)

Personal Development Per-Module Enrollment Fee

$149 per module for one module*

$129 per module for 2 modules*

$99 per module for 3 to 5 modules*

$79 per module for 6 to 10 modules*

*all fees are per person

** attendees have 1 month from enrollment to complete each module