Who is this for?

Non-Manager Professionals

  • Those who are not in managerial roles, but require the ability to influence others; ex: engineers, Quality professionals, fund raisers, etc.

Team Leadership Process Outline:

  • Collaborate with Learner and Manager to Create a Performance-Based Support System to Ensure ROI for Learner Organization 
  • Administer Learner Personality and Leadership Assessments 
  • Create an Individualized Coaching Plan and Learner Results Plan 
  • Initiate and Complete Leading through Influence Modules and Scheduled Coaching Sessions 
  • Learner Successfully Completes Competency Assessment 
  • Leading through Influence Modules:
    1. The Leadership Formula
    2. Formal vs. Informal Leadership Fundamentals
    3. Principles of Influence
    4. Creating Influence through Effective Communication
    5. Engaging Others in Task Achievement
    6. Resolving Conflict while Maintaining Effective Cross-Functional Teamwork

Lead Through Influence Series Enrollment Fee

$499 for one attendee

$399 per person for 2 to 5 attendees*

$299 per person for 6 to 9 attendees*

$199 per person for 10+ attendees*

*all from the same organization

** attendees have 3 months from enrollment to complete the developmental process