Who is this for?

Mid-Level Managers

  • Department/Functional Managers, or those being groomed for mid-level roles; ex: Manager, Sr Manager, Director

Front-Line Leadership Process Outline:

  • Collaborate with Learner and Manager to Create a Performance-Based Support System to Ensure ROI for Learner Organization 
  • Administer Learner Personality and Leadership Assessments (Sr Mgr Level) 
  • Create Individualized Coaching Plan and Learner Results Plan 
  • Initiate and Complete Team leadership Online Modules and Scheduled Coaching Sessions 
  • Learner Successfully Completes Competency Assessment 
  • Team Leadership Modules:
    1. Leadership Credibility Refresher
    2. Applying Situational Leadership to Team Development & Performance
    3. How to Establish Metrics-Driven KPI’s
    4. Developing Your Front-Line Leaders
    5. Process Improvement through LEAN Principles (Part 1)
    6. Process Improvement through LEAN Principles (Part 2)
    7. Effectively Leading Change

Team Leadership Series Enrollment Fee

$699 for one attendee

$599 per person for 2 to 5 attendees*

$499 per person for 6 to 9 attendees*

$399 per person for 10+ attendees*

*all from the same organization

** attendees have 3 months from enrollment to complete the developmental process