Are you aware of the 8 Areas of Waste within your organization, and if so…do you have a roadmap for removing process waste and optimizing process efficiencies and organizational effectiveness?  

Parsons & Associates provides LEAN and process improvement expertise to help our clients Achieve Operational Excellence.  Our process for helping you implement or sustain the process improvement journey begins with our 2-day LEAN Assessment (see attached brochure).  Our LEAN Assessment process helps you identify areas of waste and inefficiencies, and these roadmaps are used successfully by our clients to:

  1. Provide a prioritized and focused approach to your process improvement initiative, rather than taking a “shotgun” approach.
  2. Provide a jump start for your new process improvement professionals.
  3. Provide a means to refocus derailed process improvement initiatives.

In addition to process improvement expertise, Parsons & Associates understands the link between employee engagement and process improvement and can assist you in aligning your people and processes to achieve true Operational Excellence.

Learn how to identify 8 Areas Of Waste Within Your Organization

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