Two exceptional development workshops coming to Tennessee in August

Leading The Multi-Generational Workforce: From Baby Boomers To The Latest Generation Z on August 20th

Designed specifically to increase the effectiveness of your team leads, supervisors, functional managers, and anyone else who has a front-line responsibility to lead your company’s most important assets: YOUR PEOPLE.

What skills will attendees learn?

  • The business need for diversity, including generational diversity
  • How to establish best practices in hiring & onboarding to appeal across generations & increase employee retention
  • How to develop effective leadership techniques to optimize the performance of your multi-generational workforce, including how to maximize employee motivation

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Leadership in the Trenches in Knoxville on August 21st and 22nd. 

Perfect hands-on development for your team leads, supervisors, and anyone else who has first-line responsibility for your most important assets…your people.

What skills will your attendees learn?

  • The difference between managing & leading
  • What is leadership credibility & how to develop and sustain it
  • Situational leadership & determining which style is most effective for individuals and the team
  • How to more effectively listen to ensure understanding
  • How to provide performance-based feedback
  • How to maximize individual performance through effective performance management
  • How to develop and lead high-performance teams
  • How to proactively resolve conflict

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