Expert Developer of People and Organizations, with a commitment to the achievement of Operational Excellence.

  • Leadership development, organizational development, small business consulting, and business process improvement experience across many business sectors, including manufacturing, services, higher education, and other Fortune 50 companies.
  • Executive Coach.
  • Exceptional combination of Operations and Human Resources experience.
  • Committed to the success and growth of organizations and the individuals who support them.

Jim Liggett has more than 30 years of management experience including Fortune 50 companies. He has worked in the areas of business operations, human resources, industrial engineering, people development and succession planning.

Jim has conducted over 200 training programs which include workplace diversity, leadership development, employee relations, and public speaking. He also served as Professional Faculty in the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University for seven years. While at Johns Hopkins he taught Process and Operations Management and Strategic Management, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.